All of our labels are printed on the highest quality materials and have a permanent adhesive as standard, making them suitable to apply to packaging, bottles, boxes, and so much more.

Paper Labels

Whilst an eye-catching label is an integral part of your brand or product that should be given careful consideration, it’s also imperative it is a cost-effective solution for your business. Our paper labels go a long way in helping you to keep your costs low, whilst adding the finishing touches to your products with a robust and highly versatile label.

Matt Paper

Our silky matt paper labels are the perfect solution for those looking to have a sophisticated and elegant finish. With its versatility, this material works well for most applications.

This material works particularly well with light or pastel coloured designs, because of its muted look and feel. If you intend to handwrite things such as batch codes on your finished labels, then matt paper would be our recommendation due to its uncoated nature.

Gloss Paper

The perfect way to give your brand an edge is with eye-catching gloss paper labels. Printed in superior photo quality, they’ll be sure to make you stand out on a crowded shelf!

This coating is suitable for label designs with vibrant colour schemes, as the reflective nature of the material really makes them pop out of the paper.

Laid Antique Paper

Laid antique paper labels have a unique ribbed texture that gives your labels an elegant and traditional look. This material is perfect for adding class, especially if you’re looking to make your products stand out from the rest!

This material represents luxury, and is often a popular solution for wine labels and a wide range of other premium products.

Grass Paper

Grass Paper is an environmentally friendly paper product with a light green/brown tint. Being a natural material, it is free of all types pollutants and allergens which makes it suitable for direct contact with food, cosmetics, and a wide range of other natural products.

Please note: Due to the nature of this material, printed colours will naturally appear darker. 

Vinyl Labels

Our synthetic labels are incredibly durable, tear-proof, and waterproof, which makes them suitable for long-term label packaging and harsh environments.

Matt Polypropylene

Our matt polypropylene labels are perfect for printing in ultra-high definition and provide excellent versatility, durability, and value across an extensive range of applications.

They can withstand moisture for prolonged periods, making them the ideal choice for beauty and cosmetic products that contain oils.

Please note: Due to the nature of this material, printed colours may appear slightly muted. For example, darker colours will appear slightly lighter.

Gloss Polypropylene

With superior colour rendition and fantastic waterproofing properties, our gloss polypropylene labels are suitable for products that are likely to come into contact with liquids.

These are an ideal option for those looking for a durable label with a high sheen to show off the vibrant colours in their design for increased shelf appeal.

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